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Terminator, 1984

Do you remember that old movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the role of a futuristic cyborg? Well, things seem to suggest that such a movie isn’t so distant from reality anymore. Years went on and today cyborgs are real beings who are among us. Sounds it a little confusing? Let’s go deeper into this topic to explain it better.

Transhumanists, Body Hackers And Biohackers

Probably, you’ve never heard of these three words, transhumanists, body hackers and biohackers. At least, not yet. The three all refer to one only attitude that a growing number of people are choosing as their life perspective. It’s the attitude of those who think that having advanced technologies implanted in their bodies might make them be more productive and somehow “superior” than common people.

The goal is to enhance normal skills and abilities through the use of futuristic technologies – which should allow tomorrow’s cyborgs to access high-level careers or any way to be more productive in their job place.

Today, the body hacking community is getting a large space in society, growing in popularity through the use of social media.

People’s Privacy Violation

One of the reasons which give the body-hacking such a big importance is their shady morality about life and existence and their lack of respect for privacy issues, not only because cyborgs are constantly monitored by satellite systems but also because they are expected to have micro cameras implanted in the eyes, which is a violation of other people’s privacy.

Now, if you walk on a street with a camera attached on your face or even handling a camera all the time, you may find yourself accused of violating peoples’ privacy. But if you have a micro camera in your eyes, then nobody can see it and you are practically free to walk and record every face, people, word and millions of other things. It’s a completely different thing than having video surveillance at home or at the office for security purposes, as you can understand. Today, video surveillance systems are actually recommended even by expert locksmiths from companies such as Locksmiths Locator – which site you can visit or call them directly for more information about new security methods.

The RFID Chip

Another element that body hackers seem to like very much is the RFID chip. It’s a very small piece of technology that in certain countries you can get implanted under your hand skin.

Here, the privacy matter concerns the person who has the chip and not external people. The following points give you a practical overview of the features of the RFID chip:

You are monitored and controlled in every action that you do, including buying things via credit card, withdrawing liquid money at banks, going to places, taking meds and in general every other fact of your private life.

micro chip

The advantage of having an RFID chip is that you have all of your personal and health care information always with you. People who have the chip have to only show their hand to a chip reader. Although this is often defined as a good point, you are unfortunately and constantly exposed to the risk of data stealing. In fact, if someone decides to steal your data from the chip reader, you lose your identity, social position, job and finances all at once and all via some clicks.

Many people think that the RFID chip helps them find a better job position, especially because in certain areas where the chip is already well diffused, you won’t be taken into account if you don’t have the chip.

Another reason which explains the fortune of the chip is that people think that it helps against serious illnesses and diseases, simply because it speeds up recovery times and diagnose times. However, as to the present day, there are no scientific elements that support this statement.

Transhumanists think that technologies can transform people into different cyborgs with exceptional abilities. That’s a thesis that is strongly battled even by scientists, geneticists, and biologists other than religious authorities.

In conclusion, we should remind you all that for certain jobs a microchip or any other advanced technology won’t make you become a better person than how you currently are unless you can have the entire brain or body replaced with robotic parts! It’s still and by luck all about your human skills that you can be a unique being in this world.