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If you think that video games are childish things that only kids can love, well it’s time for you to re-consider your opinion: in fact, a recent research conducted in the US reveals that nearly 7 out of 10 Americans of all ages like to play video games.

1) Insight Into The Results Of The Research

The shocking side of this result is that the percentage of online users who regularly play video games encompasses a very high number of adults. Kids seem to be only a reasonably smaller part of total video gamers. If you want to translate these data into numbers, it results that about 211 million Americans play video games and that most of them do it on a mobile device.

Smartphones of all brand and models are the most preferred devices to access online games or to download and install video games of all types.

Smartphone mobiles are, actually, comfortable, small and practical to keep in a bag or in a pocket. And what encourages more mobile users to forget about playing video games from a console system or from a computer is that most gaming companies offer excellent mobile-friendly platforms. Sometimes, gaming platforms for mobiles offer even more attractive graphic design than platforms for computers.

2) The Social Aspect Of The Gaming-Mania

There’s also another aspect to consider: many people play their favorite video games not only on their Smartphone, but also on their tablet (or other type of mobile device). This fact suggests market experts in the gaming industry that this gaming-mania is a really stronger social phenomenon than one might think.

In fact, when it comes to video games, it comes to social behaviors as well. It’s been scientifically proven that kids who play the same video games for years tend to develop certain social behaviors and life attitudes that are “inspired” to the way their video games suggest. Video game characters are, actually, powerful means of communication of subliminal messages, including social behaviors.

Least but not last, it seems that today’s kids spend way too time playing virtual games – some kids play an average of 12 hours per week, while others play even 5 hours per day.

3) The Gaming Segment In The Digital Eravideo gamers

From a certain viewpoint, it’s hard to avoid that today’s kids access virtual products for entertainment, like video games. We live in the digital era where nearly most entertainments come as virtual products to access or to buy via the web.

According to expert marketers in the gaming sector, the video game segment is expected to grow more in the next 5 years – a fact which should make us seriously think about the risks and dangers for our kids. It’s actually important to be able to select only the best games for them, that is those games where there’s no violent content and where the characters aren’t featured with violent or discriminatory attitudes.

4) Different Categories Of Video Games

The market of video games is expanding over time. And this is a reason why most people tend to get lost in such a growing pool of attractive games to play. Today there are video games of all types, including games that are differently themed. For example:

  • Cartoon-themed games have cartoon characters as their main protagonists.
  • Adventure-themed games are usually set up in fancy environments where the characters are involved in adventurous stories.
  • Games for girls are generally themed on certain topics, like fashion, housewife tasks, jewels, hair styling and a large array of typical girl-oriented topics and activities.
  • War-themed games are as old as the entire gaming sector. Today, this category of video games still has many followers and passionate game players all through the world.
  • Manga-themed games are a recent discovery in the gaming sector. All the characters are inspired to real-world Japanese manga. They are either boy-oriented and girl-oriented.

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