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video gamerAlthough so many people might believe that playing video games is sort of silly because you have to play with a machine, the rise of video games seems to never stop. Just to add some information, market experts agree that the video gaming segment will grow even larger in the next 5 years.

Microsoft, along with other popular worldwide gaming developers, will surely be happy to hear such positive news. On the other hand, there are also many people who are worried about the side effects of playing video games, especially on young game players. The social climate might change, people might develop behaviors that they wouldn’t have at all without playing video games on a regular basis.

Do You Know There Are Also Positive Effects of Playing Video Games?

Of course, psychologists agree on all of these points, but they do also agree when it comes to the positive effects of playing video games (as long as you play in a responsible way!).

That’s something that most people tend to underestimate or to even ignore – but the fact is that video games might have a socially benefical impact on people. So, let’s see here what a US research found out about playing video games:PC video games

  1. Playing video games is a positive experience, because it creates fun and pleasure in the game players.
  2. Multiplayer video games create social connections among different human players. The game players can participate to game challenges and test their own skills.
  3. When you play against or with other game players on a multiplayer game platform, you can develop a strong social role. You are given a task to accomplish in the game, which id a good occasion to identify your social importance and personal responsibilities.
  4. Many video games are based on stories and fairy tales that we all know since childhood. When you play such games, you can actually sense the amazing feelings that you experienced when you first heard those stories as a child. This process brings joy and pleasure to the game player, who will surely decide to go on playing that game.
  5. You may already know a game story plot, but when it comes to video games you still have so much to learn! In fact, gaming providers model their games in a way that you can learn something. For example, you can learn about sports rules, health issues, how to climb a mountain or how to prepare tasty recipes. Since the universe of video games is practically endless, you can have endless chances to learn about a million things!
  6. Some video games might require the game players to identify with someone else who is completely different than them in their real-world life. This leads to the development of a wider perspective of life: you can actually be the person that you already are or you can become someone else. Through playing the video game, the players can experience in a virtual way more alternative life styles.
  7. Let’s come to video games that are focused on improving specific mental skills, such as memory, visual reflexes and others. For example, chess video games or sudoku games are excellent choices if you want to keep your brain in  shape.
  8. There’s also a positive aspect of playing video games that feature advanced technologies. For example, the touchpad technology is a very good enhancement because it allows the players to physically interact with the game by moving characters, items and other elements. Mobiles and tablets are excellent devices to use if you like this technology. Don’t forget that newest mobile computers do also feature the touchpad technology, as well.
  9. Another very smart feature of playing video games is that you can either play in real time or not. The first game option is also known as “live gaming” and it allows you to see and interact with the other players, while the other game option allows the player to decide when to play according to their own needs.

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