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Video games represent some of the most attractive virtual games to play in the free time. Thousands of people of all ages and from all countries spend hours in a row to play their favorite video games every day.

But the bottom line is “what makes a video game be a successful entertainment product since day #1?”

Of course, there are a few key elements that can make all the difference between a boring video game and a superb one. Either you are a passionate gamer or even a game developer, you are surely curious to know what exactly makes your favorite video game be an irresistible and unique piece in the entire gaming world.

game playerOverview On Top Essential Video Game Features

So, let’s have a closer look at what can transform a game developer’s idea into the next worldwide appreciate video game. As mentioned above, there are specific factors that determine the value of a video game and that influence their sales opportunities once the game has been launched in the gaming market.

Regardless of the specific game you like to play, the following main factors come to influence all existing video games, including also online games of all types.

  1. The storyplot.
    Each video game results from a storyplot which is part of the game developer’s idea. Developing a story board for a video game is fundamental to make the gamers feel like part of that story. It’s important to create a sort of connection between the gamer and the game, using characters, places, events that are capable to evoke emotions in the gamers. This mix of different elements give the gamers a purpose to play that game.
  2. Attractive graphic design.
    It’s true – half of playing a game is done with the eyes. So, the second key element to success for a video game consists in its graphic design. Each color, line and shape have to be functional to a specific goal, that is to show the gamers instead of tell them about the story board of the game or about the tasks to accomplish in it. An attractive design create appealing and emotional gaming experiences.
  3. Intuitive game options.
    It might sound even too easy, but what some developers miss when crafting a game is simplicity. It’s actually important to allow the gamers to feel at their ease with the game functions and controls. So, the game has to be necessarily simple and intuitive. This doesn’t mean that an intuitive game is also an easy game to master – if it would be like that, after a short span of time nobody would continue to play!
    On the contrary, intuitive game controls have to be developed in a way that the game is still very hard to master, as the gamers want to feel the thrills of challenging game playing.
  4. Game goals to achieve.
    As we’ve just said in our previous point, the gamers need to find a reason for continuing to play a certain game. That reason consists in goals to achieve in the game. In particular, long-term goals work to make the gamers feel like they somehow have to go on playing that game over time. Ongoing challenges and long.term tasks are essential elements in a game that prevent the gamers to lose interest in playing after a few days. After each game accomplishment, the gamers receive a reward or a benefit which helps score more points or level up quicker or even complete a game task.
  5. Soundtrack.
    For many gamers an exciting (or even relaxing, depending from the genre of the game) music background is essential to feel the game mood and nourish emotions while playing that game. Musics have to coincide with what happens in the game, so the gamers can experience a completely immersive gaming time.
  6. Replayability.
    As a matter of fact, many game players like it when they can replay a game over and over. It’s like feeling all the emotions that game could evoke once again. It’s a particular experience which grows the gamers’ self-confidence and makes the game become really part of their world and personal story.

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