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Mobile gaming is on an upswing. Ask anyone, and you will get the same response. These games are quite meaningful, all by themselves. They are light, with many great scenarios, plots and animations. The mobile gaming industry is definitely making headlines and it’s already beating all the alternatives.

Surprisingly, women are the largest demographic that plays mobile games. This doesn’t include just girls. Mothers and older ladies are also interested in mobile gaming and they are finally understanding why male counterparts have spent half their lives gaming.

Well, mobile gaming is indeed quite engaging and there is no end to the variety of options you can experience there. The mobile market report by Newzoo is quite extensive and it will help you understand the outreach of the industry.

What Kind of Mobile Games Are There?

The kinds of mobile games are inexhaustible. Have you heard about Clash of Clans and Clash Royale? What about Brawl Stars? These games are some of the most defining mobile games you can play today.

They are very sophisticated in terms of execution, but offer immense fun and easy game play. You don’t have to just play Tetris on your phone and you now have the world of opportunities ahead of you. Mobile games come in many categories as well and you can always end up playing:

  • Shooters
  • RPGs
  • Strategies
  • Quizzes and Puzzles
  • Adventures & more

It’s this inexhaustible variety and charm of the games that make them so appealing to the broad public. You can join any type of gaming experience and have no regrets at all. Mobile games are often free, which means that you can choose from thousands of great developers and their products.

Plus, many of the great PC games are finally debuting for mobile. Have you heard about Fortnite? Epic Games’ product is now available for both iOS and Android which is definitely a great thing for all fans of the world’s most enticing battle royale out there.

You can play and experience it yourself on the go and continue right from your PC. This is also where the omni-channel experience comes in handy.

What’s the Omni-channel Experience for Mobile Games?

The omni-channel experience in gaming first appeared in online casinos. Since the mobile experience has also become very popular among fans of gaming, it’s understandable why developers sought and found ways to unite the desktop and mobile experience. Today, all real money casinos offer this omni-channel experience whereby you can play from any device and continue playing. You can read a lot about this here:

Meanwhile, the traditional gaming industry has also picked up on this trend and today you can expect people to appreciate the fact that they can play their favorite games from mobile devices. This is particularly true about Fortnite, but things are moving in the same direction whereby players will be offered many opportunities to enjoy themselves without ever having to worry about the device they are playing from.

For those among you who are of a more competitive turn of mind, you will probably wonder if you can have the same smoothness of gameplay as from PC. Some people say that PCs are somewhat more convenient, but there have been quite a few experiments run by game developers that mobile players are actually very capable of winning against their PC and console counterparts.

The Demographics

As already pointed out earlier, a lot of the people who play mobile games these days are young people, and specifically women. While in the west is still more fond of consoles, there are while countries in Asia where mobile gaming is definitely taking the front seat. China and Malaysia are two of the world’s hubs for mobile gaming with titles such as Mobile Legends and Honour of Kings.

These games are more competitive in nature as well and they already have millions of followers and players. Tencent, the largest mobile game developer in China is reporting very good results, year in and year out. Supercell, the creator of Brawl Stars is also quite happy with the results that the company has been able to draw.

Mobile gaming is only set to grow and expand further. Apart from the players looking to play competitively, there are also those who are interested in playing casually. The reason why mobile gaming is so popular is that it takes no effort. You can be waiting for a bus or be at the doctor’s office and gaming will always appear as a great idea.