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When you say ‘gaming’ what do you imagine? Is it a PC computer or a console? Is it an arcade machine or is it increasingly a smartphone? Believe it or not, smartphone gaming is soaring. People are truly focusing on playing from portable devices and there is no shame in that. But just look at the numbers for yourself. Over 50% of all gaming revenue worldwide is generated via mobile games. That’s a whole lot! A whole lot than PC gaming, which is considered the cornerstone of modern gaming activities.

Or is it? Since the arrival of Fortnite and PUBG, we can argue that the industry has changed by quite a bit. Yes, many people still like and practice PC gaming, but is this really all there is to it. It’s tough to say and it’s tough to really appreciate the industry for what it is. However, one thing is obvious – trends are shifting and more people are going into mobile gaming because it just feels great.

Why Do People Love Mobile Gaming?

There are multiple reasons why mobile gaming is gaining such outstanding momentum right now. If we go back ten years, people would never consider that specific jobs would be able to provide a sustainable income. Being an electrician or a locksmith wouldn’t generate that much revenue for you to be able to survive in the world.

But as more people become ‘tech-savvy,’ they remain behind in other areas, apparently. Of course, when you manage to lock yourself out of your car, it’s always better to call a locksmith first and you will want to choose the best:, but there are other areas where you can teach yourself how to get out of that debacle. 

How does all of this apply to mobile gaming? Well, the same way nobody really thought locksmiths will be hot in demand, so nobody did think that mobile gaming will really make big headlines. Well, as it turns out – it does, and it does so quite substantially.

Mobile Games Are to Dominate the Market

Mobile gaming is loved because people can enjoy it from anywhere, on the go, waiting at a doctor, commuting and much more. This is about all there is. But when asked why people play so many mobile games they cite several specific reasons, including:

  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Ease of play
  • Fun

People, and especially women, are very keen on mobile gaming. Mobile phones have become a rather important part of our lives and that’s what makes a lot of people use their phones for gaming. Another reason that explains the trend is, of course, the cost of hardware as well as small apartment size.

In the West, people can be a little profligate when it comes to what they do with their rooms. They don’t have to really watch out where put things, because there is always enough room for everything. However, in the East, having a proper desktop computer station is always a bit of a challenge as you will find it rather challenging to really find room for all your hardware. This explains why people prefer mobile gaming.

Are Mobile Gamers Hardcore Gamers?

You bet! Games such as Fortnite and PUBG have already converted enough people and pushed them to take their gaming very seriously. You can see that on more than one occasion. For example, it’s been established that a person playing from their phone and a person playing from a PC may actually have about the same skill set when it comes to pure gaming.  Some of the most-rewarding mobile games out there for mobile aren’t necessarily about pure gaming skills of course.

Having fun is about immersing in the alternative reality proposed by the game itself. Some gamers will take their experience a little more seriously though. Just because a game comes for mobile, it doesn’t deprive it of its competitive element.

However, for the majority of mobile gamers, they would much rather have quiet time all by themselves with their favorite game instead. One big release that is coming for mobile is Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s next mobile-focused game and the first attempt to port a ground-breaking franchise such as Diablo over to a mobile platform.

Will they be successful? It’s hard to tell because Western fans have ridiculed the game a lot. However, the East is happy with the announcement and there will be quite a few people looking to paly Diablo on their phones. Of course, the true fans of the game will probably skip the experience altogether, which, when all things considered – isn’t such a bad thing after all and that’s quite alright.